Best grooming brushes for your dog’s coat type

All dogs require specific brushes and combs depending on the dog's coat type. The main coat types in dogs are curly, wavy, wirey, smooth, short and double coated. 

Types of Brushes 

All dog breeds need maintenance of some kind between grooms. There are several types of brushes used for keeping your dog maintained between grooms and you will need the specific brush for your dog to do so. The main brushes used are slicker brushes, undercoat rakes, bristle brushes and greyhound metal combs. Below are a list of brushes and the coat type best suited for. 

Slicker Brush

Slicker brushes are great for a variety of dog breeds to reduce matting and tangles while keeping the dogs coat clean by removing debris. The softer smaller slicker brushes are great for most coat types but particularly wavy, curly and double coated small dogs and puppies (e.g. Toy poodles, cavoodles, bichons, labradoodles, shih tzu, yorkshire terriers, Pomeranians, Australian terriers, maltese dogs and more.

We recommend:

HERTZKO Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

A Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs: Dematting Brush Easily Removes Mats, Tangles, and Loose Fur from The Pet’s Coat.


Large Bristle Slicker Brush

Larger slicker brushes are ideal for larger dog breeds with more dense and thicker coats being perfect for removing tangles, matts and debris from dogs coats. This type of brush is ideal for wavy, curly, and double coated breeds with long and/or thick coats (e.g. Poodles, labradoodles, goldendoodles, golden retrievers, german shepherds, bernese mountain dogs, newfoundlands, chow chows, collies, portuguese water dogs, lagottos and more.

We recommend: 

Chris Christensen Big G Dog Slicker Brush

Groom Like a Professional, Fluff Detangle Style, Saves Time Energy, Coral, Large.

Greyhound Metal Comb

Greyhound combs pair great with slicker brushes. Once you have brushed your dog out you will need to go through the coat with a greyhound comb to find any matts or tangles you have missed. Any dog being brushed out should be combed through afterwards.

We recommend:

Paws Pamper Professional Greyhound Comb


Undercoat Rakes

Undercoat rakes are metal rakes which have small curved blades to remove the undercoat of a dog. Undercoat rakes are perfect for reducing the thickness of the dog's coat, prevent matting, and to keep the dogs coat healthy. It is still recommended to brush the dog with a slicker brush and greyhound comb after using the rake. Double coated dogs with thick long coats are best suited for undercoat rakes (e.g.Bernese mountain dogs, huskies, collies, golden retrievers and more).

 We recommend: 

PawsPamper Undercoat Rake

PawsPamper Undercoat Rake for Dogs & Cats - Pain Free Deshedding Brush + Quick & Easy Dematting Tool.


Bristle Brushes

Bristle brushes have clusters of close together bristles which is great to remove any shedding fur, debris and stimulate the skin for dogs. Bristle brushes are best suits for short smooth hair coated breeds ( e.g. Boxers, pugs, greyhounds, boston terriers, jack russels, dalmatians, hungarian viszlas,weimaraner and more). 

We recommend: 

HERTZKO Bristle Brush

For Dogs with Long or Short Hair - Dense Bristles Remove Loose Hair, Dander, Dust, and Dirt from Your Pet’s Top Coat.


Key Takeaways

All dogs need a specific brush dependent on their coat type for maintenance between grooms. Always make sure you have the right brush for your dog and look up how to brush your dog at home correctly beforehand.